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Don't Judge A Dog By Its Cover

Think of the breed of dog as like a race of people, or a nationality. So, in the same way that within the race of English people you get a complete mix of personalities and characters, you will get a complete mix of personalities and characters within the Husky breed. So not all English people are kind and gentle; some are, some aren’t. Not all English people are noisy; some are, some aren’t. The same is true for every characteristic imaginable. There are all sorts of English people out there… And the same is true for Italians…and Chinese and American and Australian, and New Zealand...Brazilian, Spanish, Moroccan the list is endless… The funny thing is that many of us become prejudiced against a race of people or a breed of dogs because of a negative experience…from which we create a negative belief. And that experience then clouds our judgement and we can’t see past it… As time goes by we end up creating more of these experiences which confirm our initial one! Yet it all started with a belief that WE CREATED! What I’ve found is that within every race of people there is the full spectrum of personalities and characters, and within every breed of dogs the same is true. Breed and race have nothing to do with how beautiful a being can be whether they are dog or human.

There is so much more. So today...I’m going to challenge you (again!) Do you have a breed of dog that you really don’t like… And is it time to maybe give that breed a second chance? After all - your dog is very likely picking up on YOUR negative feelings towards them, so maybe it’s time to turn it all around! Whatever you choose to do, have a great day and thanks for choosing to be here to the end. ~Doggy Dan P.S. It’s one of my own adapted quotes today! “If you always judge dogs by their breed, you’ll miss out on meeting some pretty amazing dogs” - Doggy Dan

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