The Pet Nannies

Worried about who will be in your house?

The Pet Nannies are very particular about who becomes a Pet Nanny, and all have passed a police check. 

 Our Pet Carers can continue their education in all areas of pet care so that they can provide the best for you and your pet & proudly represent The Pet Nannies.  All employees have varying experience with animals and have at least Pet First Aid training and inservice pet sitting training before commencing any pet sitting jobs.  Your home will be respected and secure with our team, who understand the immense trust you have placed with us when you hand us a key.  Not only are we watching your pet but we are also actively watching over the security of your home.  All of our sitters are residents of South Auckland.



THE Manager, Consultant Sensible Person

Spends most of her time with us with her face in her palms.

The most lovely, supportive and patient member of the team. Does the maths.



General Manager

I have lived with pets since infancy.  I have had dogs, cats, budgies, mice, rabbits, and too many Guinea Pigs (they're like potato chips, you can't just stop at one).

I originally wanted to be Jackson Galaxy, Mark Vette & Doggy Dan!  I am a certified Pet Sitter & have also completed courses in Dog Psychology & Training & also & Cat Psychology & Training (see below).  I'm only too happy to give free advice and suggestions to clients when they need help with their animals 'quirks'.

I am the hub of the team, doing the business-y stuff, client liaison & staff training, & also making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing.  I am here to support the Pet Nannies doing their jobs, I am just a phone call away for advice or action.  It's just as well that I don't do a lot of pet sitting as I tend to fall in love with every animal I care for.

I do most of the long distance pet transport and I really love driving so having the  Pet Taxi is my ideal situation!

                        Pets = love!

  • 2020: Basic Pet Sitting - Pet Sitters International

  • 2017: Business Start Up

  • 2016/17: Certificate Canine Psychology & Training

  • 2016: Canine & Feline Massage

  • 2016: Certificate Feline Psychology & Training

  • 2015: Certificate in Pet Sitting & Business


  • 1987: National Diploma of Medical Diagnostic Radiography, Post grad Mammography

    • 24 years in General, Vascular, Emergency & Cardiac Radiography

  • Clean driving record since 1984!



Hello, I'm Jan and in the pic is my trusty sidekick Bailey the Lowchen. We emigrated from The UK in 2006 and after settling for a year, we went to the SPCA and brought home our beloved Tortie Misty the long haired cat. Throughout my childhood we had cats, dogs, birds, mice, hamsters, rabbits, fish and dogs, you name it, we basically had it and I vowed one day I would finally have my own Lowchen (if I could find one) as they are a rare breed. Here she is, our darling. Pets are family and enrich our lives daily, they give unconditional love and deserve to be cherished... I couldn't live with out a furbaby in my life.

  • Experienced Pet Owner

  • 2019: Cert Small Animal Massage

  • 2018: In-service Training:

    • Pet First Aid


Pet Nanny

I was born in the UK and moved to NZ when I was three, I'm living my kiwi life to the fullest and feel very privileged to be a part of The Pet Nannies team.  I'm currently studying at NZST and in my spare time, when not taking care of any furbabies, I like to take my dog to the beach, which happen to be two of my favourite things.  We've always had pets in our home, dogs, cats, fish and my mum is keen to remind me that my first word (apart from Mama and Daddy) was CAT - I think I was pretty destined to be an animal lover for life. The photo is me and my Lowchen Princess Miss Bailey. 

In-service Training:
2019 - Pet First Aid


Pet Nanny

Hi there!, my name is Brydie and I am very lucky to call myself a member of the Pet Nannies Team.  My life has always been enriched by the company of a pet, whether it was a goldfish or a bunny rabbit but I always wished I had a dog to call my own. My dream came true when we brought Phoebe (pictured) home, our adorable Shih Tzu X Fox Terrier who is always up for a run along the beach. When I’m not taking care of your furry friends I am studying Law and Arts at the University of Auckland. I look forward to taking care of your own fur babies and creating a safe, comfortable, and (of course!) fun environment for them.

Officer Dibbles

CAT Scanner, Product Tester, Pizza Lover, Dog Impersonator

Diane's fur therapy, tester of cat products, dog impersonator, cutest cling-on and #1 foster baby.  He is a talker, especially about feeding & nap times.  I adopted him because I am hopeless at fostering (don't want to let them leave) and I loves him to death.

The Pet Nannies Ltd are members of Pet Sitters International
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Office Hours M-F 8-7pm

027 PET NANS (027 738 6267)

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THE PET NANNIES LTD is a petcare service for South Auckland