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Your First

Choice For Caring

& Professional Dog walking Services in

South Auckland

  • Price covers up to 3 dogs from the same household (as long as they are all reasonably obedient) 

  • Special needs or difficult dogs will be walked by themselves

  • Length of walk confirmed after Meet & Greet with your Dog Walkers

  • Each visit is followed up with a full report sent straight to you at the end of the visit, including task list, pictures, any messages from your sitter & a GPS tracker map showing of the visit  & start & finish times

A 30 minute appointment EXAMPLE

Pre-walk: (5 mins)

  • 'saying hello' to your dog in your dog's individual fashion

  • Quick check security of house

  • Ensure your dog is hydrated

  • Getting him/her ready for the walk

Walk: (20+ mins)

  • ​Walk around your immediate area at a pace requested.

  • Only dogs from the same household will be walked together

  • Walker will ensure your dog has water available during the walk.

Post Walk: (5 mins)

  • Check water supplies

  • Quick clean up of dirty paws

  • Cuddles goodbye

  • Lock up

Monthly Walking Packages: Book & pay for a month (20) of daily M-F walks to get one of your walks for free! That's $26, $36 or $46 off your bill.


$26 for 30 mins || $36 for 45min || $46 for 60 min

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The Pet Nannies Ltd use Time to Pet Software
The Pet Nannies Ltd use Time to Pet Software

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