Our Pet Nannies transport & takes care of your pet during appointments

Pet Appointments

Appointments such as Veterinary, groomers, therapy, daycare etc​ (includes euthanasia appointments). 

NOTE:We have Pet Taxi based in Papakura and Waiuku only until Feb 2019, this means the cost will be more depending how far you are from these bases.  (This does not apply to long distance transport)

  • We can handle unwell or difficult animals with your guidance.  

  • Each visit is followed up with a full report sent straight to you at the end of the visit, including task list, pictures, any messages from your sitter & a GPS tracker map showing of the visit  & start & finish times

  • Duties:

    • Your pet cared for & reassured during appointment.

    • Liase by phone with owner, fill in forms on behalf of owner.

    • +/- Treats & hydration

    • Schedule your pet's ongoing regular appointments & send reminders 


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The Pet Nannies Ltd use Time to Pet Software



Pet Taxi Fees:

  • cover a private pet taxi & pet guardian service.  Sharing the taxi with another client reduces fees for each.

  • cover time from Pet Taxi base in Papakura to return

The Pet Nannies Pet Taxi uses harnesses made by