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The Pet Nannies Ltd = Safety, Convenience, Professionalism & Care!

We will go above and beyond to remove the stress of leaving your pet behind when you can't be there. You have already chosen the best and kindest option for your pet by choosing professional in-home care and here is why The Pet Nannies Ltd are the best and kindest in-home pet care option.

> We get it! We are pet owners and animal lovers too. We understand that this is your baby, and that we are entering your home. Our Pet Nannies are mature, have ongoing training and also have been police checked.

> We follow your instructions about your pet's routines and habits, even the ones you know are balmy... especially those ones! We collect a mountain of information from you before we even start to ensure we know & understand your pet as well as we can.

> We embrace technology and use dedicated Pet Sitting software that includes safety back ups so nothing & no one can be missed.

> We know you're going to be wondering if all is ok at home so we send visit reports with timestamps, maps and task lists accompanying messages and pictures from your Pet Nanny.

> We actively provide home security as part of our task list, it's not just an afterthought! We also use unmarked cars and don't wear uniforms so as not to draw attention to the fact that you are not home.

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