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PSI Guide to Guinea Pigs (Cavies)

Common types

• Abyssinian

• American

• Crested

• Coronet

• Peruvian

• Silkie

• Skinny Pig

• Teddy

• Texel/Merino

By the Numbers

5-7 years average life span

8-11 inches average adult size

1.5-2.6 pounds average weight What You'll Need

Time to Eat

Guinea pigs are herbivores and need the proper balance of pellets, hay and fresh vegetables.


  • 1/8 cup pellets

  • 1 cup vegetables

  • Unlimited fresh timothy hay

+ One small fruit treat once or twice per week.

Let’s Get Social!

Guinea pigs crave the company of other pigs. They also need time out of their cages and daily interaction and attention.

So Nice and So Clean… Long-haired breeds require daily grooming and short-haired breeds need once-a-week brushing. Spot clean the cage every few days, and thoroughly clean it weekly.

Health Checklist:


• Active, alert & social

• Eating and drinking regularly

• Clear eyes & healthy fur

• No issues breathing or walking

• Squeaks to communicate

Bad Diarrhea and/or weight loss

• Abnormal hair loss or skin lesions

• Lethargy or trouble breathing

• Eye or nasal discharge

• Overgrown teeth

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